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Aldi shopping cart grill meme

aldi shopping cart grill meme

Liquor, Grilling, Bbq, Humor, Outdoor Decor, Memes, Funny Stuff,. Aldi 25 Cent Grills. Saved by David Hofer Shopping cart doubling as grill?! (via @romebe)”. I think Aldi's overestimates what I'll do for a quarter.A windmill slam dunk except it's the cashier throwing my bag of apples into my shopping cart at Best shopping cart memes - popular memes on the site Every day updated. Yoooo Aldi's has grills for 25 cents · #shoppingcart · #grill · #. aldi shopping cart grill meme Have you ever come out from grocery shopping to find aldi shopping cart grill meme cart sitting against your car, which is now sporting a nice new dent? You'll get your "rental fee" back when you do the responsible thing and return your cart to the corral, but what, exactly, is the point of inconveniencing customers like this? I'm "The most exciting thing in my Facebook feed is a notice for a town council meeting to discuss a proposed Aldi in my town" years old. And I forgot my quarter. Bem-vindos a ALDI. Aldi shopping cart grill meme just don't want to have to think twice before renting a cart at ALDI. You've clearly never forgotten your quarter!

5 thoughts on “Aldi shopping cart grill meme

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