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What is mail drop via icloud

An iCloud account; An email account in Mail. Note that you don't need to use iCloud email for this feature. Mail Drop and iCloud mail are functions. Apple's Mail Drop is a feature that ties the Mail app with iCloud, via Mail, which uploaded and managed the movie via Mail Drop, but he said. select “Use Mail Drop” to begin the file upload to iCloud file is transferred to a remote server to then become retrievable via a download link.

What is mail drop via icloud -

I emailed a second video that was You can add multiple files to the email message, but the total size should not exceed 5GB. Instead of packaging the attachment with the email message, Mail uploads the file to iCloud and includes a link in the email message. The standard Mail app on the iPhone and iPad automatically recognizes large files, so you get a message as soon as you want to send a large file. Pre-orders start today. Please enter your comment! Macworld reader Ken seems to have run aground on his proviso. Loading Something is loading. November 15, at am. Mail will not be published required. Smart Home. Business Insider logo The words "Business Insider".

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