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Vegetative state meaning in tamil

vegetative state meaning in tamil

vegetative - Meaning in Tamil, what is meaning of common in Tamil dictionary, and vegetative state from serious brain damage had immobilized and terrified. Definition: Meaning of, persistent vegetative state in English to Tamil dictionary. Pronunciation: / pəˈsɪst(ə)nt ˈvɛdʒɪtətɪv;ˈvɛdʒɪteɪtɪv steɪt /. noun. vegetative - Meaning in tamil, what is meaning of vegetative in tamil dictionary, pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of vegetative in tamil and English.

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Vegetative state meaning in tamil -

There is limited evidence that the hypnotic drug zolpidem has an effect. All Indian Newspapers. The determination of whether someone is in a persistent vegetative state is not an exact science--a British study in the mid s found that 43 percent of a group of patients diagnosed as PVS 17 out of 40 studied were misdiagnosed later found to be alert and able to communicate. Mixed results have been reported using dopaminergic drugs such as amantadine and bromocriptine and stimulants such as dextroamphetamine. Inulin type fructan was detected in all 'vegetative' organs of Campanula rapunculoides L. Corn growth is in the 'vegetative' stage, ranging from the 4-leaf to 7-leaf stage. vegetative state meaning in tamil The usual mode of reproduction in Hydra is 'vegetative'by forming asexual buds. Noxious somatosensory stimulation activated midbraincontralateral thalamusand primary somatosensory cortex in each and every PVS patient, even vegetative state meaning in tamil the absence of detectable cortical evoked potentials. Diagnosis of vegetative state depends on the primary cause of brain dysfunction. Youngson References in periodicals archive? Blog Between you, me and the gatepost: idioms connected with secrets October 14,

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