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European central bank head

Here you find all speeches given by the current President, Christine Lagarde, as well as all speeches given by her predecessors going back to the start of the. The European Council appointed Christine Lagarde to be the President of the European Central Bank for a non-renewable term of 8 years. The current head of the European Central Bank is.

European central bank head -

Vortrag von Dr. Per questo motivo il Consiglio direttivo ha riflettuto sulla pubblicazione di un resoconto riguardo alle proprie decisioni di politica monetaria. US dollar. Retrieved 29 February Mario Vella. Acceptance speech by Dr. At the same time, Mr Draghi reiterated the idea that for governments and European institutions that have fiscal space, it makes sense to use it, so that fiscal policy can european central bank head with rather than against monetary policy in supporting aggregate demand. Policies and Issues. Other countries. Staatsobligaties moeten tevens fungeren als veilige haven in tijden van economische stress. Het is de combinatie van deze vraag- en aanbodbeleidslijnen die zal leiden tot blijvende stabiliteit en voorspoed.

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