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Sam huntington jungle 2 jungle kissing

Sam Huntington as Mimi-Siku in Jungle 2 Jungle Kiss Band, Kiss Rock Bands, Rock Posters, Music Covers, Album Covers, · Kiss BandKiss Rock BandsRock. "Jungle 2 Jungle" stumbles from bungle to bungle. The tribal chief tells the boy, Mimi-Siku (Sam Huntington), to bring back the fire from the Statue of Liberty as proof of his Rating PG (minor violence, iffy language, kissing). Jungle 2 Jungle is a Disney comedy film starring Tim Allen, Martin Short and Sam Huntington. It is based on the French film Un indien dans la ville (An.

Sam huntington jungle 2 jungle kissing -

Was this review helpful to you? Plot Summary. The site's consensus states: "Tim Allen spends Jungle 2 Jungle annoyed and put upon, mirroring audiences' reaction as they struggle through this witless family comedy. Photo Gallery. At the Stinkers Bad Movie Awards , the film was listed as one of 30 dishonorable mentions for Worst Picture and was noted under the Founders Award, which lamented the year's biggest studio disgraces. The Stinkers. From metacritic. User Reviews Just wasn't that funny. Looking for something to watch? He also said he felt embarrassed for Allen and Short, as he felt they were used far better in other television programs and films. Official Sites. Jan Kempster Leelee Sobieski Sarah Oni Faida Lampley

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