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Abaya dress tuturial

abaya dress tuturial

Dec 2, - As the muttawa have been confiscating abayas with colour in how to make a kaftan dress - Simplicity Sewing Hacks, Sewing Tutorials. Apr 8, - Check out this post Modest Maxi Dress/Abaya Sewing Tutorial where I show through a video tutorial how to make your very own modest maxi. A full tutorial on this beautiful boutique design batwing abaya. Kylie Jenner Dress​, Diy kaftan and butterfly style abaya cutting &stitching by kushi maqbool.

Abaya dress tuturial -

Maidservantofallah I am an old friend umm Sakina. Once we approved, the verification code will send to you through your email to confirm that the payment will be accept by us before you can allow to book your schedule online if you are registered as an individual student. Checkout the post on scarf sizes for more size measurements for the rectangular scarves. Then hem the bottom, by turning over the fabric twice. You have the option of making the arm not so big…To do this you can take some elastic and make a casing as you hem the arm openings. Press everything in place. I hope you guys find this tutorial to abaya dress tuturial helpful. Firdaus July 21, at am. No food or drink allowed at cutting and sewing areas. Sherilyn, Cherished Needle Creations July 21, at pm. abaya dress tuturial

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  2. Virat Yadav says:

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