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Hdfc bank ecs stop payment form

hdfc bank ecs stop payment form

ECS/ACH Swapping · Latest salary slip/ offer letter · Salary account bank statement with salary credit entry · Cancelled cheque from the said salary account · ECS. As per their suggestion I visited HDFC Bank, where i hold an SB Account and the ECS was getting cleared every month with a request letter to stop payment on. Also when contacted the bank, they denied to stop the ECS as the ECS And fill the form of ecs mandate cancelation form and attach a photocopy of id proof.

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Hdfc bank ecs stop payment form -

I was told by the two banks that i need to contact my banker to give a stop payment as the current month's ECS would hit the SB Account. Thank you! I agree. Dear Respected Lawyers, I really appreciate your time in sharing the valuable feedback, suggestions shared by all of you. Even if you request your bank where your company holds an account from which ECS debit is made, it would not result in prejudicing of the company's goodwill on asking bank to stop the ECS. If the bank is not obliging to this request, you may issue a legal notice to the bank and drag them to consumer forum for deficiency in service. Against that company.. hdfc bank ecs stop payment form So can anybody suggest what is the solution also please let us know the right procedure, is there anything that we can do to save at-least 2 months money and stop ECS immediate basis or taking legal action a better idea against the company who is giving fake commitment and cheating customers. Yusuf Rampurawala. Asked 2 years ago. Share Tweet. Comments S.

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