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Union bank of india deposit rates

Union Bank of India FD Calculator: Get details on Union Bank of India FD rates on October by maturity period, deposit amount & fixed deposit interest rate. Deposit Amount: Union Bank of India FD can be opened with an amount as a low to up to. ยท FD Tenure: Ranges between 7 days to 10 years. Union Bank of India FD Rates. If you want to open a fixed deposit account for a tenure ranging between 3 and10 years then you can earn returns at the rate of However it is important to note here that in case of fixed deposits, the tax levied is dependent on the tax bracket you fall into, irrespective of FD tenure. A mix of low risk and high-risk investment instruments is a smart investment strategy and hence mutual funds can be considered as a good investment union bank of india deposit rates for higher returns. Interest payment Frequency Interest will be paid on quarterly or half yearly basis as per the instruction of the customer. Fixed Deposits of Union Bank of India have a higher interest rate compared to their saving deposits. Internet Banking. Start Your Tax Return.

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    I want registration my PAN number in SBI account please help me


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